On The Radar : Noya Rao (Artist)

Here we go, my 2nd post. This time, I want readers to discover the Leeds-based quartet Noya Rao and their latest EP, “Stay”.

“Stay” is a perfect example of a well-executed project that comes in at just under 20 minutes long. It gives the listener life and energy without making us feel rushed. This intergalactic-sounding piece of art possesses the ability to transcend listeners from wherever they are to a place of warmth and tranquility.

I remember discovering the EP “Stay” from the UK-based rising-stars, and from the artwork alone I was confident that I would become captivated by the sound of the project; I was not mistaken.

If you enjoy perfect bass lines and melodic synths, cushioned by well executed and experimental instrumental patterns, then this project, lead by the vocals of Olivia Bhattacharjee is a must-listen. Check it out below and be sure to support!

IG - @Noyaraomusic

Twitter - @Noyarao


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