On The Radar : Last Night In Paris (Artists)

Last Night In Paris (LNIP) - a group of exceptionally talented individuals, renowned for their dynamic expression in music and fashion, have returned in 2021 to pick up from where they left off.

Branching out from the home of London, UK, and continually expanding the brand worldwide, founders, Jordon Wi-Fi and Taurean Roye, accompanied by other members and collaborators, Vonnie Don, KC Clarke, Trigga, Reezy Rye, and fwdslxsh, have been highly influential in breaking boundaries both sonically and visually in recent years. Each member of the collective has shouldered the responsibility in showcasing their unique style while contributing to the cohesive essence of the group.

The 'LNIP Boys' have been credited for being ahead of the wave since the release of their outstanding short film PURE in 2015. This phenomenal piece of art differentiated them from other artists emerging from the UK at the time. They have since established themselves across Europe, by means of their collaboration with Fendi for the FENDI MANIA campaign, to performing in countries such as the Netherlands, France, Finland and Russia.

Now, with the release of their recent singles Stack It Up, CBD, and Drip Down, with more new music on the way, it seems that LNIP are locked and loaded to take over the music scene in 2021 and gain the recognition that they deserve.

Stream their music below, and be sure to follow the crew on their socials!


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