On The Radar: K. Forest

Updated: Mar 2

Brampton Ontario's own, K. Forest, has proven to be one of the most consistent artists in R&B since releasing his project Forest Fire in 2016. His robust catalogue proves that when it comes to his releases, quantity always meets quality.

Forest Fire, a cohesive body of work, reflected K. Forest's influences from 90's R&B, more specifically, his admiration for Aaliyah. Her nostalgic vocal samples and melodies are a common fixture throughout the project, and K. expertly weaves in her influence in a way that feels both familiar and refreshing.

Subsequent well-received projects followed, such as the moody, downtempo Eyes Of Taiga and Memory Springs, the latter of which hosted the standout cut Cry where K intelligently merged distinct Toronto sonics, with a flow reminiscent of the UK grime scene.

K. Forest has provided timeless projects such as Forest Fire 1 and 2, while generously sprinkling in some loose cuts strong enough to have been lead singles, like Guid